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More Adventures of Sgt. Astronaut

I like coming back to my space characters now and again. Here are the previous adventures– the first adventure, the second adventure, and the third adventure! How well-titled! Advertisements

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Sgt. Astronaut – Page 3

This has actually been drawn for weeks, but cleanup took ages– it crashed Photoshop about fifteen times. So it’s not really cleaned-up, at least not as much as it was the first five times.

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Sgt. Astronaut – Part 2

After posting the first one, I decided to give Sgt. Astronaut another go. Space Pirate Sixteen is an old character of mine from an abandoned comic. Let’s see how far along this goes!

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The Adventures of Sgt. Astronaut!

I was supposed to make another of these, but I never did. Maybe eventually.

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