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About Vero

Amateur professional; cartoon contortionist; writer of wrongs; quote collector; distributor of profound nonsense.

Let’s Talk

*** Let’s talk. I used to update this blog daily, or at least weekly, with new comics documenting the fun, silly moments in my life. I liked doing it and friends liked reading it, but two years ago I stopped. I stopped posting … Continue reading

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Random doodles

Long time, no post! I’m working on a few new comics, but in the meantime, here are some recent sketches. Adventure Time Doodles Fun with Cthulhu! Li’l Feminist Uhura Random dude I saw walking his dog (sans dog)

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Tune In, Turn On, HULK OUT

  Random sketch, inspired by a quote I messed up. Marshall McLuhan, forgive me!

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Hiatus Update (comic)

It’s been so long since I posted anything. What have I been up to? (No, really, serious question– a lot of it is a blank.) Yup. The biggest thing to happen to me was that I’ll have to draw myself … Continue reading

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Mom Brag (comic)

Yes, this exchange happened. It happened three months ago, but it happened. For the curious, the article really is about turtles. Constipated turtles. And guns. I wrote a (small) part of another article more recently. Maybe that’s why you’re here?

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The Life Cycle of the Sports Story

Normally, I don’t follow hockey.

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More Adventures of Sgt. Astronaut

I like coming back to my space characters now and again. Here are the previous adventures– the first adventure, the second adventure, and the third adventure! How well-titled!

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