Misc. Comics Archive


A History of Nosebleeds

Pride & Prejudice & Cold Medication

Mom Hug

10 Things I Don’t Hate About Me

Bad Comic Comics

Was That *Your* Thing?

“Carnegie Hall” & “Validation”

Voyager 1 Comparative Timeline

Sgt. Astronaut, part 3!

Sgt. Astronaut, part 2!

The Adventures of Sgt. Astronaut

Captain Grammar: World’s Most Pedantic Superhero

“Man of Steel” Comics

“Man of Steel” Rant/Review p. 2

“Man of Steel” Rant/Review p. 1

Canada Day 2013

Costume in a Can & doodles


Book Store — Based on a True Story

The Dreadmill

Things I Do so I Don’t Have to Get Up


Political Cartoons/Famous Canadian Cartoons

Chris Hadfield as Rocket Robin Hood

Joe Clark as Krang

P.E. Trudeau as Lex Luthor

Kathy Dunderdale as Shredder

John Diefenbaker as Megatron


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